Glimepiride tablets


Drug name

Glimepiride tablets




White pill


Glimepiride is a third-generation (new) sulfonylurea hypoglycemic drug. In 2001, Glimepiride Tablets (Dibei®), as Beilu Pharma's first hypoglycemic product, was imitated and launched in China and it is a national Class II new drug.


Type 2 diabetes



Dosage and Administration

It should be used under the guidance of the doctor, take it on time and in proportion according to the doctor’s prescription. It is recommended to take the medicine before breakfast or immediately before the first main meal of the day. Note: Do not forget to have a meal after taking the medicine.

Recommended starting dose: In the initial treatment stage, Glimepiride 1-2mg once daily. Patients who are sensitive to hypoglycemic medicine should be started on 1mg once daily and carefully adjust the dose.

Maintenance therapy dose: Usually maintain the treatment stage, Glimepiride 1-4mg daily, the recommended maximum daily therapeutic dose is 6mg, further dose increases should base upon the patient’s glycemic response, the increasing dose should not more than 2mg every 1-2 weeks. See the instructions for details.

Shelf life

24 months